5 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Bottled Bird’s Nest

We all know how beneficial consuming edible bird’s nest is when it comes to our health – it boosts our immunity, improves our appetite, regenerates our cells, and is a rich source of antioxidant. Not only that, eating bird’s nest can also help keep our complexion glowing and healthy, minimizes wrinkles, and tightens skin. Take it from folks who consume bird’s nest frequently – you’ll see how healthy and young-looking they are.

If you’re not sure how bird’s nests are produced – no, they’re not the twigs and sticks type of bird’s nest. These are actually nests formed by a bird’s saliva which is edible and then creates a net-like material that hardens when left out for some time. The contents in a bird’s saliva is loaded with nutrition which is what most people are pegging for.

Bird’s nest can typically be found in South East Asian regions like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. The Chinese folks are typically known to consume edible bird’s nest because their practice of traditional medicine has led them to discover and believe how loaded bird’s nest are with health benefits.

Nonetheless, the best types of edible bird’s nest come from those that are harvested from where they are naturally produced such as caves or house-produced nests. The rarer and harder it is to acquire, the more expensive the cost of the bird’s nest.

Bottled vs raw bird’s nest: Which is better?

Despite the knowledge that naturally produced bird’s nest is better, there are still folks who choose to buy bottled bird’s nest. Their reasons may vary. Perhaps they’re looking for cheaper options (since prices for raw bird’s nest are reasonably high), or they’re just lazy to prepare bird’s nest at home and prefer the ones that they are pre-made and ready to eat when purchased.

Buying bottled bird’s nest is not such a bad thing; that is, if you know the best brands since some merchants sell them at sky-high prices. And if you’re not equipped with enough information about identifying the best bird’s nest, it’s easy to get fooled. That’s just one reason. A lot of folks think that bottled bird’s nest taste and look like how raw bird’s nest is being prepared. Unfortunately, it’s not. Why is that? There are more reasons why buying bottled bird’s nest is not such a good idea.  Here are 5 common reasons:

1. It is just 20% bird’s nest and 80% sugar water

Many of the reviews for bottled bird’s nest says that it’s just made of mostly water mixed with sugar – and not the healthy kind. As we all know by now, sugar is not a good ingredient to consume if we’re trying to stay healthy. If you want to get the most out of consuming edible bird’s nest, it’s wise to buy them raw from authentic merchants and prepare them at home using the healthier sugar alternative – rock sugar.

2. It is not worth every penny in your wallet

This review shows how much bird’s nest you are actually paying when you buy the bottled version. Sure, there are other brands that put in more bird’s nest than some. However, there are some that just add other unknown ingredients and preservatives in to give the impression that you are paying more since essentially these are processed as final products. That said, would you rather pay more for what you believe is worth or get swindled because you think you’re getting what you paid for? More often than not, some bird’s nest products can also come as fake. Since it is processed, it’s hard to detect a genuine product.

3. You can’t be creative in preparing

When you buy raw bird’s nest and prepare it yourself, the possibilities of being creative with how you want to consume it is endless. With bottled bird’s nest, your idea of pairing it with other ingredients would probably leave it unsavory instead. Want to eat it with chicken broth or boiled egg and ginseng? Can you imagine how it would taste like if you used bottled bird’s nest?

4. There are not many known benefits

Take it from bird’s nest experts – they know their products inside and out. To begin with, bottled bird’s nest use unhealthy sugar and just mixed with water. That fact already says a lot – too much sugar isn’t good for you. Or anyone, for that matter. So, if you’re conscious about your health, you might want to skip the bottled kind and go for raw or unprocessed edible bird’s nest.

5. Taking the short cut isn’t always good

In this age of fast-paced living and instant everything, it’s easy to get into the humdrum of buying items that doesn’t require you to put in too much effort. However, being lazy is never a good thing. To get the best side of things, it is important to put in time and effort.  It’s like trying to lose weight – taking the easiest way by buying slimming products and not exercise will not work. So, if you expect some results from products you are taking, it’s better to go for ones that’s worth it.

With all of these mind, we hope you changed your mind about buying bottled bird’s nest and proceed with raw, unprocessed kinds.

If you really insist on bottled bird’s nest, then our recommendation is buying raw edible bird’s nest, prepare them, and store them in bottles. Just so you know, you can actually store cooked or boiled bird’s nest in the refrigerator for one week. There are tons of resources you can get to help you prepare edible bird’s nest as well as recipes if you wish to be creative with your cooking.

If you’re looking for high-quality edible bird’s nest, then look no further and check out our line of available bird’s nest.

So, go get yourself some bird’s nest and live a long and healthy life!

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