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Premium Grade 5A Bird's Nest - Our Best Sellers!

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Cai Shen’s Bird Nest

Brand Recognition & Establishment

We have served over 90,000kg worth of bird nests over the years to retailers and consumers. You are assured on our experiences to produce top quality Grade 5A Birds Nest.

Our Own Bird Houses

We have 5 Swiftlet Bird Houses in Malaysia and Cambodia. Every single bird nest goes through via very own eyes for inspection, processing and clearance.

Rigorous Cleaning Process

100% Bleach and Chemical free. No whitening agents are used in the cleaning. Our 2 process ing facilities are approved by the respective governments

Lower Prices!

We harvest from our own Bird Houses, process our own nests, and sell direct to consumers as well as distributors. No other middlemen involved.

100% Authentic & Genuine

Our Bird Nests go through further testing via Malaysian, Cambodian and Singaporean laboratories. Further tests are done at our export countries such as China and Australia

Exporting Capability to China

Our partners are one of the only 34 licensed bird nest exporters to China - The most stringent country to approve bird nest import into the country

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