6 Good Reasons Why Bird’s Nest is a Great Gift Idea for Your Parents and Grandparents

As we get older, gone are the days of making hand drawn crayon doodle greeting cards for our parents and grandparents on special occasions in the hopes of getting praised by our thoughtfulness and creativity.

When it comes to our parents and grandparents, we think about giving them gifts as adults that will make them truly appreciate the value. The most likely choices of gifts are items that they can use and benefit from.

So, what counts as special and practical gifts to give our elderly family members? Some age-appropriate gifts would include home decorating supplies, light hobby items such as gardening tools and crocheting kits, framed family photos, books with large texts, household accessories, and more.

Of course, the most important of them all are gifts that allow them to stay healthy and live longer; and those are self-care kits and organic supplements.

When it comes to supplementation, one that we will highly recommend giving is pure edible bird’s nest.

What is that? And why?

To give you a better understanding, this article explains some of the essential characteristics of a raw bird’s nest. From breeding to harvesting to the final processing, we will break down what there is to know about this mysterious yet beneficial delicacy of the East and why it is the perfect gift idea.

So, what exactly is an edible bird’s nest?

If you are imagining twigs and feathers, then you’re not far from the truth. However, there is far more to edible bird’s nests than that. Additionally, they are definitely much tastier than the ones that you pictured.

Edible bird’s nest are produced from the saliva of swiftlet birds. These birds clump together their saliva mixed with other minerals to form a net-like material into a nest and stick them on crevices and walls which then hardens when exposed to cold air.

The birds then lay their eggs inside the nest and once they have hatched, they leave the nest and that’s when the harvesters come in to extract the abandoned nests.

To put it simply, when you consume an edible bird’s nest, you are consuming a bird’s spit. Not quite the savory feat you would imagine. However, for most people who believe in traditional medicine, edible bird’s nests contain some of the most powerful and natural properties on earth that are beneficial to our health.

Why are bird’s nests so expensive?

In the manufacturing facilities, the raw bird’s nests undergo a stringent cleaning and filtering process using advanced technology before the final products are being packed for selling.

Each of these nests are graded accordingly and even have labels identifying their rarity. The more colored they look, the rarer they are. The rarer they are, the more expensive they are sold. Another factor that determines their sky high prices is the way that bird’s nests are being harvested.

You can commonly find bird’s nests in caves and tall structures. The dangerous nature of climbing to the top of these massive caverns make for the resulting costly price tag. However, since its prime discovery, more bird’s nests businesses have boomed in recent years and many have now established their own local bird houses.

It comes with no surprise that a pound of edible bird’s nest would not cost any less than $1000. Even in groceries or restaurants, a pack of this delicacy would cost between $30 to $50. For a lot of people who are aware of the benefits, buying bird’s nest is certainly worth every penny.

However, it is important to identify the authenticity of edible bird’s nests through the smell, shape, taste, and origins.

It is said that real edible bird’s nests give out a slightly pungent and fishy smell as well as a briny and salty flavor. When cooked, edible bird’s nest creates a soft, gelatinous texture and is usually mixed with a variety of dishes whether it’s sweet or savory.

Authentic edible bird’s nests originate from countries like Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. China, however, has been the largest importer of the product for thousands of years even until this day.

The Chinese were initially the first few folks who have discovered the youthful elixir contained in edible bird’s nests in ancient times. Historical scripts have even mentioned that only the rich upper class society have access to the delicacy.

So what makes this ‘Caviar of the East’ the ideal gift?

With this in mind, are you convinced with the value of edible bird’s nests yet?

Perhaps the biggest reason it is considered a treasured delicacy in the world is because of the potent elements that’s beneficial to one’s health.

Edible bird’s nests are rich in essential proteins, collagen, minerals, and vitamins, offering anyone who consumes them a healthier life.

So, why should we give our parents and grandparents edible bird’s nests as honorable gifts? Here are six good reasons why:

1. They will live longer and have more spunk in life

You have probably heard constant complaints from your parents and grandparents not being able to move so much because of body pains. Back pains, joint pains, muscle pains, head pains…you name it, they are bound to have it.

The good news is that, giving them bird’s nests as gifts for consumption will not only restore their energy to impressive levels, but also bring back their dream of looking young again. Their once dashed hopes of glowing skin and face free from wrinkles will be achieved again by consuming bird’s nests daily.

That way, they can do a lot more in a day and enjoy making use of their time. Probably even demand for grandchildren to spoil. You never know.

2. They can make their favourite bird’s nest recipe and you’re included

We all know that nothing beats home-cooked meals. Stocking up on edible bird’s nests for your parents or grandparents will serve you a great advantage. When your mom or grandmother prepares their favorite bird’s nest recipe, you are most likely going to be a part of the tasting crew.

With that, you get to enjoy the healthy benefits of edible bird’s nests just as much as your parents and grandparents will from consuming. So, it’s a win-win situation. Doing something good for somebody else will always go both ways.

3. They own all bragging rights about your thoughtfulness

If there’s one thing that moms and grandmothers love to do, it’s talking about their offspring and grand kids. Spouting lyrical comments about their children and grandchildren’s achievements is an inevitable part of any gathering.

Yes, it can be embarrassing at times and we might not like it when they compare us with the other kids, but we can’t blame them for wanting to express how proud they are of us.

And if you add edible bird’s nests as gifts to the mix, and you will find yourself a hot topic for days on end.

4. Their overall health will significantly improve

If your parents and grandparents know a lot about traditional medicine, chances are, your gift will be treated as a treasured prize. Edible bird’s nests are known to have several health benefits.

So for them to consume it daily will have profound and positive effects on them physically, all while reducing their risks of common diseases like stroke, diabetes, and cancer.

5. Stands out better than most gifts

We get it, there are other nice gift options as well.

However, while your parents and grandparents appreciate your thoughtfulness, the gift item you bought them might not be suitable for their taste.

With edible bird’s nests, it’s probably your best bet when you are stuck in a rut with what to buy. Plus, most bird’s nests come packed in nice boxes. This can save you the trouble of buying gift paper and wrapping it up yourself.

6. Because… they deserve it

The very fact that they took care of us growing up through sweat and tears while providing us the best life that they can offer, is more than enough reason to celebrate their life, age, and honor.

Our parents and grandparents represent the symbol of dedication, respect, and wisdom that we need and take with us to pass on to future generations.

Don’t you think they deserve the best from us too?

Where to find genuine edible bird’s nests?

Nowadays, the demand of pure bird’s nests has become an increasing trend in markets. Because of that, several suppliers and distributors are now selling them in hordes.

We’d like to save you the hassle of looking for authentic edible bird’s nests because here in Cai Shen, we sell the best and highest quality bird’s nests around.

Our edible bird’s nests are cleaned under rigid protocols and inspected thoroughly before packing them up for sale.

Don’t believe us?

We own multiple local bird houses in several locations like Singapore and Cambodia and we also follow standard facility maintenance protocols to guarantee premium edible bird’s nests. Not only that, we have also earned China’s impeccable trust over the years for supplying fresh products to their country.

Although China is one of the largest importers of bird’s nests, they are also the most difficult border to get through because of custom restrictions.

Conclusion: Do you believe us now?

Feel free to explore and discover more information. In the meantime, check out our product line so you can finally select the best gift to give to your parents and grandparents. Because they deserve to live long and stay healthy.

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