10 Proven Healthy Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Bird’s Nest

What Do I Need to Know About Bird’s Nest?

If you’re one who’s into crazy expensive but effective remedial herbs, then Bird’s Nest tops the list. Bird’s Nest is produced by swallows by which they use edible saliva to form the material. Bird’s Nest is typically available in Asia, Australia, North America and China. However, the production of Bird’s Nest is prevalent in Chinese regions because they believe it to have numerous health benefits.

How is Bird’s Nest formed?

When swallows build their nest, their saliva gland produces saliva lamina which creates a net-like material and is usually in a liquid state but hardens when it is exposed to air. The drier the saliva, the more expensive the product will be. Swallows usually build their nest on trees, caves, and even buildings.

Why Do People Still Choose Bird’s Nest Despite its Cost?

As mentioned, China is the number one consumer of Bird’s Nest for a lot of good reasons. Bird’s Nest has long been consumed by the Chinese upper class since the Yuan dynasty and is still used in several dishes today. It is because Bird’s Nest is believed to contain plenty of nutrients than most herbs. Some of these nutrients include carbohydrates, protein, water, amino acids, potassium, phosphorus, leusine, healthy fat, organic chemicals, serine, and natrium. Not only that, but it also contains nutrients that help both the hormones and cells healthy.

Additionally, it is revealed that the research of the benefits of Bird’s Nest to the human body is being carried out in China. Since the discovery of health benefits in Bird’s Nest, it has become a mass demand in many parts of the world. The most popular dish that is prepared using this herb is Bird’s Nest Soup. You can find this recipe in many restaurants around the world.

So, why do people choose to drink Bird’s Nest? Here are 10 scientifically proven reasons:

1. It helps treat cough and colds

One of the popular beliefs of Bird’s Nest health benefits is its ability to cure cough and colds naturally and effectively. If you are suffering from clogged nose and wheezing, consuming Bird’s Nest can help minimize the bacteria causing inflammation and clear the lungs. To use, just drink the Bird’s Nest and add honey or sugar. Alternatively, you can also steam the Bird’s Nest on your face to help create a clear passage for your lungs.

bird nest

2. It helps improve the appetite

If there’s one health issue that a lot of people suffer from, it’s stomach problems, and it commonly happens when our bodies are weak and sickly. Good thing Bird’s nest exists to help this problem. It is believed that this herb contains enough minerals to help improve our digestive tract.

3. It helps boost the immune system

A weak immune system is not a good problem to have when you are constantly on-the-go as it can easily leave you prone to various illnesses. Bird’s Nest is a rich source of natrium, calcium, potassium, and many others to help our body fight bacteria and provide a good boost for our immunity.

4. It helps maintain healthy and clear skin

Women especially love this benefit that Bird’s Nest can give since most dream of having flawless and healthy-looking skin. It is because of its cell regenerating elements that can help rejuvenate the skin to make it look much fresher, supple, and glowing. To use this, you may drink Bird’s Nest as a soup or apply on the skin as a mask regularly.

healthy skin

5. It helps improve the eyesight

Our cornea – the layer that protects the surface of our eyes – deteriorates or gets injured, it usually takes a long time to heal because of the slow recovery process. It is found in numerous researches that Bird’s Nest contains certain hormones that could help our bodies produce keratocytes which helps with corneal healing.

improve eyesight

6. A rich source of anti-oxide

Our bodies are prone to being attacked by free radicals which makes us get sick easily. The minerals in bird’s nest can help counter those free radicals and avoid major illnesses like cancer and diabetes. Preparing a bowl of Bird’s Nest soup is sure to help with such.

7. It helps support a healthy pregnancy for women

It is also believed that the bird’s nest is highly recommended for pregnant women because of its health benefits. This is particularly important if a woman has just entered the first trimester. Bird’s nest has proven nutrients that can ensure a healthy baby and delivery.

pregnant women

8. It helps treat blood vein injury

When we eat too many unhealthy fats, our blood vein function will start to fail because of the cholesterol that has amassed causing severe damage. When this happens, the blood veins will tighten and stiffen the artery to the heart causing blockage and heart problems. It is believed that drinking bird’s nest can help reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood vein and avoid major problems.

9. It has anti-aging properties

A lot of elderly people, particularly in China, believe that drinking bird’s nest regularly can reverse the effects of aging. This is due to the many nutrients that can help boost cell regeneration, therefore, tightening the skin and minimizing the obvious appearance of aging such as wrinkles and lines.

slow down aging

10. It helps effectively treat lung problems

Lung sickness that can often become serious ailments that require medical attention includes cough, asthma, and Tuberculosis, among others. Fortunately, drinking bird’s nest regularly or as soon as the sickness surfaces can help treat these illnesses effectively.

Whether you believe in traditional medicine or not, drinking bird’s nest has its health advantages despite its expensive price tag. Many people have attested to the healing effects that Bird’s nest brings when they consume it regularly. Of course, when purchasing Bird’s nest, it is always important to make sure that you look for legitimate sellers to avoid the risk of taking fake products. The most common way to consume bird’s nest is by preparing it into a soup recipe. Drink yourself some bird’s nest and enjoy a longer and healthier life!


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