How to Choose the Best Quality Bird’s Nest to Buy that’s Worth Every Penny!

It comes to no surprise that many people would flock to markets that sell edible bird’s nest due to the belief that it has plenty of health benefits. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), bird’s nest is consumed as a kind of supplement that can work wonders on our skin and health like improve our complexion, regenerate cells, and strengthen our immune system.

Nevertheless, how do we know if the bird’s nest that we are consuming are authentic and made from the best quality? Below are 5 ways on how to choose the finest bird’s nest quality that’s worth it despite the extravagant price.

1. Choosing by how it is shaped

All bird’s nest does not come in the same shape. To know that you’re buying a good quality product, their shapes are ranked by the following:
• Cake shape – these are small pieces of Bird’s nest that’s tiny and broken and weaved together to form one large piece.
• Stripe shape – these are also broken pieces but comes in a stripe form.
• Boat or Cup shape – these are the common shapes you can find from most merchants, which are whole and intact and shows the strands.

boat-shaped bird nest
• Triangular shape – these are triangular-shaped Bird’s nest which are medium-sized and comes in three pieces or more from one nest.

2. Choosing by how clean it is

Before buying Bird’s nest from merchants, it is important to also know the manner it is formed and how clean it looks. How Bird’s nest is cleaned can be determined by these three types:
• Superior Quality – this type is usually formed with more than 90% of edible bird saliva while the remaining with debris and bird feathers.
• Feather Prime – this type is half made from edible bird saliva while the other half with debris and bird feathers.
• Grass – this type is formed with more feathers and debris than edible bird saliva.
Without a doubt, the Bird’s nest with exceptional quality would draw in more customers but also comes with a higher price. However, the idea of knowing that it is a good quality is certainly worth it.

3. Choosing by how it appears

To determine the quality of the Bird’s nest, the tighter and thicker the strands are knit together, the better. If they are loose and have a soft texture, chances are that the quality is poor. Additionally, the ideal color for high-quality Bird’s nest is ivory white. If the Bird’s nest looks unnaturally white, chances are bleaching added into the process.
• White – if it has a naturally dirty hue, then this Bird’s nest is authentic without added minerals from caves or farms which is suitable for anyone.
• Golden Yellow – slight absorption of minerals from caves causing a golden hue, rarely produced but comes with a higher price when harvested.
• Red – caves that have certain minerals causing a discoloration to the Bird’s nest, also rare but more expensive.

4. Choosing by how it smells

It is important to take note that before buying high-quality Bird’s nest, it should give out a slightly fishy smell.

5. Choosing it by where it is originated

Most edible Bird’s nest are found in regions around South East Asia. It is also important to take note that bird’s nest that originates from certain countries comes with different quality and flavor.
The countries that produce Bird’s nest are Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Vietnam is said to top the rank for producing the most expensive Bird’s nest.
At Cai Shen, we strategically placed our own birdhouses (Swiftlet Bird Houses) in Malaysia and Cambodia while operating our own processing facilities in both countries to maintain quality control and implementing rigid regulations and highest standards.

What is bottled Bird’s Nest?

Despite the knowledge that choosing bird’s nest should be elaborate, some folks still opt for bottled bird’s nest because of its affordability and believing that it still comes with the same nutrients. Unfortunately, it is far from it. By the name itself, bottled bird’s nest is prepared for consumers as such that it is ready to eat. Yes, it is convenient but dried/cleaned bird’s nest are still highly recommended. Below are 3 reasons why people should choose dried/cleaned bird’s nest:
1. Bottled bird’s nest are made out of sugar water, mostly. That is not good especially since bird’s nest are reputed to reap health benefits.
2. You are consuming less since it’s cheaper, so it contains more water than bird’s nest.
3. As mentioned, since it’s made with sugar water, there’s no chance for you to reap any benefits from bottled bird’s nest.

So, where can you buy the best quality Bird’s nest to make the best bang for your buck?
With all of these in mind, you can use this article as a reference when buying a quality bird’s nest. Here in Cai Shen, we sell the highest quality bird’s nest with the top-selling grade which is 5A. You can be assured of getting the best bird’s nest because of the heart and dedication we put in to produce and process superior quality products. Not only that, the bird’s nest we sell are required to undergo extensive and rigid laboratory tests before selling them to customers. What can you get from choosing Cai Shen’s Bird Nest?

Below are six good reasons to buy in Cai Shen:

1. We have established our brand and is widely recognized because of the large amount of bird’s nest we have served over the years to our retailers and customers.
2. We produce bird’s nest from the bird houses that we own, and they undergo a thorough inspection, process as well as clearance.
3. We make sure that our bird’s nest does not contain chemicals and whitening agents.
4. Since our products are harvested in-house, we sell directly to consumers and distributors, so the selling price is reasonable.
5. We also make sure that our bird’s nest are genuine and 100% pure.
6. We are also one of the licensed exporters to China – a country that is stringent when it comes to approval of importing bird’s nest.

Check out our website to know more about our company and products.

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