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What You Should Know about the Different Types and Grades of Edible Bird’s Nest

There are plenty of benefits to gain from consuming bird’s nest most especially concerning our health. A lot of people who practice Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believe in the power of bird’s nest when it comes to natural treatment. It is commonly taken as a supplement and have positive effects on strengthening immunity and boosting our skin’s complexion.

bird nest

However, even with all the health benefits we can get from consuming bird’s nest, it is still important to know more about what it is. It is important to identify the different bird’s nest types and grades. Having this knowledge will give you a better idea of the product’s authenticity and quality.

In the last article, we discussed about identifying the best quality bird’s nest in the market. This is an important factor because it helps consumers know that what they’re buying is worth every penny shelled out. Bird’s nest do not come cheap. The better and rarer it is, the more expensive the price tag.

Despite this, there are still merchants who can get away with bad quality bird’s nest. Therefore, being equipped with enough knowledge of bird’s nest can help ensure that you’re buying premium quality.

In addition, it is also a better option to buy raw bird’s nest compared to those already prepared and bottled so that it is ready to eat.

So, what are the types of edible bird’s nest and their grades? We will break them down in detail below ranked from lowest to highest:

  1. Unprocessed Raw Bird’s Nest

These are products that are harvested directly from the bird houses or farms and usually come in unrefined. It means that these bird’s nest do not have added chemicals and preservatives. They also have not been bleached and colored and are basically in its natural form.

  1. Bird’s Nest Soup

By the name itself, this is the form of edible bird’s nest where it has undergone thorough cleaning and is prepared in a dish. This type of edible bird’s nest is commonly found in restaurants and while popular, is always out of stock. However, bird’s nest soup can also be cooked at home. We have provided some recipes for you to refer.

Bird Nest Soup

  1. Bird’s Nest Flakes

These are dried and cleaned bird’s nest are broken down into bits and pieces to form flakes. They’re still edible and can be added into a variety of dishes and even bird’s nest soup. They can also be used for preparing medicine and skin products.

bird nest flakes

  1. Bird’s Nest Biscuit

These are processed bird’s nest that have undergone cleaning and drying and formed into dry biscuits. It is often used in dishes. However, you can also store these to prepare skin products or herbal medicine.

bird nest biscuit

  1. Bird’s Nest Grade A

This is a good quality edible bird’s nest and is also farmed directly from the bird houses but still has undergone some cleaning process. However, the cleaning process is not thorough which makes the bird’s nest slightly raw and a little discolored. This grade of bird’s nest also usually comes in broken pieces and is slightly cheaper and has lesser quantity.

  1. Bird’s Nest Grade 2A

This is another good quality edible bird’s nest that has gone through cleaning process but is still considered natural. It does not contain chemicals or coloring. This grade usually comes in slightly bigger shapes and is still quite pricey.

  1. Bird’s Nest Grade 3A

This type of edible bird’s nest is considered a slightly higher quality as it has been cleaned and has undergone processes and usually comes in whole or cup forms. It’s also sold a little bit more expensive in the market.

  1. Bird’s Nest Grade 4A

This type of edible bird’s is close to superior quality as it has undergone thorough cleaning and comes in the ideal ivory white color. It’s one of the types that is in demand by consumers but sold higher than the first three grades.

  1. Bird’s Nest Grade 5A

This type of edible bird’s nest is the highest quality than its other counterparts. It is because of the stringent cleaning process it has undergone. It’s also one of the highest in demand by customers and is sold at a more expensive price. It is the best of all the range available when it comes to edible bird’s nest.

Now that you know the types and grades of edible bird’s nest, it is important to use that information before buying from merchants. However, there are also other types of edible bird’s nest available in the market that you should also know.

  1. Golden Bird’s Nest

This kind of bird’s nest is rare and comes with a hefty price tag. They’re also difficult to harvest because of the tedious process in obtaining them. This type comes in a golden yellow hue because of the minerals that have been absorbed by the nest that’s found in the caves.


golden bird's nest

  1. Blood Bird’s Nest

This kind is more expensive than most because of the rarity it possesses. It is believed that this type of bird’s nest has a different color than most because of the swallow’s diet as well as their bodies. Some swallows eat certain seeds that have dark and reddish hues that is then produced in their spit.


  1. Cave Bird’s Nest

Another term for this type of edible bird’s nest is wild bird’s nest. They’re also heavily prized because of how rare it is to find since they’re mostly found in limestone caves. Some are also found on sides of cliffs, which makes it extremely difficult to remove.

Here at Cai Shen, we guarantee the best and highest quality bird’s nest. Our best of the range is the grade 5A type. We make sure that all the bird’s nest we produce have undergone tedious cleaning and drying process. We also make sure that the bird’s nest we produce are thoroughly inspected and rigid laboratory tests.

So, get your bird’s nest here and live a long and healthy life!