Bird’s Nest: China’s Best Kept Secret on Boosting Immunity and Lung Health

When it comes to traditional medicine, you would probably find edible bird’s nest being included in the list of one of the most effective natural means of treatment. Edible bird’s nest started becoming popular to most Chinese folks during the Dynasty period because of its ability to strengthen the immunity while maintaining a healthy and glowing complexion.

How is bird’s nest formed?

Edible bird’s nest is made from saliva produced by swiftlet birds which hardens to form a net-like material. The saliva is edible and originally, swiftlets build these nests in caves in some regions of Southeast Asia. These edible nests built in caves are usually difficult to harvest because of the dangerous and laborious nature in harvesting them. Therefore, it is because edible bird’s nest is so rare that the price that comes with it is also extravagant which can range from USD $2000 to $4000 per pound tagging this as the priciest food in the market. However, nowadays, most merchants harvest and sell their own edible bird’s nest through bird houses that go through a rigorous cleaning process.

Still, the question remains: why are some Asians raving about this 1500-year-old traditional delicacy that’s so rare?

There is no scientific evidence yet to prove the health benefits of edible bird’s nest. However, some research has found that edible bird’s nest contains plenty of vitamins and minerals that helps improve our health, including boosting our immune system as well as lung health. These include:

Collagen and amino acid – These are our body’s building blocks to help achieve healthy and smooth skin which includes lysine, glycine, leucine, arginine, tyrosine, histidine, cysteine, tryptophan, and many others.

Glycoprotein – These are the proteins our body needs for proper structuring and functioning of reproduction, hormones, and immune system, as well as cells and tissues protection.

Antioxidants – These are essential to protect our body from being attacked by free radicals causing cell damage. Free radicals are what causes our body to be prone to various ailments like cancer and heart problems.

Calcium – This is also found in bird’s nest which is one of the most important minerals to achieve optimum bone health and lessens blood clotting.

Potassium – This mineral helps in the regulation of our body fluids, as well as signals in our nerves and contraction of the muscles. Additionally, potassium is needed to help lessen the risks of high blood pressure as well as fluid retention. However, potassium should be consumed in appropriate doses, so what makes bird’s nest amazing is that the potassium contained in it has the optimum dose.

Iron – Iron is needed for women specifically during pregnancy, which is why bird’s nest is recommended for women when they are having a baby. Iron is needed in the body to help keep our vital functions especially the muscles. It is also needed for a stronger immunity as well as control the body’s temperature.

Magnesium – Magnesium is a mineral required by the body because of the multitude of benefits it provides. These include optimum bone health, lowering risks of diabetes, boosting the cardiovascular health, lessens chances of migraines and headaches, eases premenstrual syndrome, as well as minimizes anxiety.

Additionally, the interesting part about edible bird’s nest is that there are a million ways you can do to prepare and consume it. The most common way that is practiced since way back in Ancient China is boiling it to make into soup. Here are some fascinating facts that you might not be aware of about edible bird’s nest:

  1. Edible bird’s nest is consumed best before meals

As edible bird’s nest is considered a supplement, the ideal way to consume it is before having your first meal. This is to let our bodies absorb its nutrients better.

  1. Red colored edible bird’s nest is not caused by the swiftlets blood

Contrary to what most people think, the red color in edible bird’s nest is caused by minerals absorbed by the surrounding where the nests are built. Oxidation can also be another cause for the discoloration.

  1. Men can also consume bird’s nest to boost their overall health

As edible bird’s nest is popularly known to be consumed by women, it is revealed that men can also consume them to improve their health particularly their immune and reproductive system. Edible bird’s nest contains high amounts glycoprotein nutrient which helps in strengthen immunity and fertility.

  1. Edible bird’s nest should be consumed only once a day

Even with all the essential nutrients in edible bird’s nest, experts say that this should not be consumed more than once a day. Our bodies are not equipped to absorb too many nutrients if we consume too much at such a short time and it is known that overdosing is not good for us. At least 2 grams of edible bird’s nest is the recommended amount to consume per day. However, the upside of edible bird’s nest is that it can be stored for as long as one week, so it is enough to last you.

  1. Not everyone reacts well to edible bird’s nest

Like most food or supplements, it is important that you identify what you are allergic to because edible bird’s nest can also cause an allergic reaction to some folks, or better known as anaphylaxis. If it is your first time eating edible bird’s nest, make sure to eat a small amount first and wait to check if you start to have an allergic reaction.

Where can I get authentic edible bird’s nest?

Currently, edible bird’s nest is still a popular food item that has a high demand. Most merchants sell their edible bird’s nest raw and priced by weight and amount and it’s also found in many online stores. Before purchasing edible bird’s nest, it is important to be prepared with ample knowledge of the product to avoid getting swindled.

Here at Cai Shen, we guarantee our customers that our products are top-notch and prepared through rigid process with thorough inspection and cleaning. On top of that, our bird’s nest is farmed and cultured in-house yielding high-quality edible output.

So, get yourself some bird’s nest and live a long and healthy life!

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