From Farm to Table: How is Our Edible Bird’s Nest Processed?

For anything that is raw produced, whether edible or not, it is necessary for it to go through rigorous cleaning process. This is no exception for edible bird’s nest. From the building of the nests in cultured farms to the final product, this consumable health food must undergo thorough sterilization before it is packed and ready to be sold.

Why is it important for edible bird’s nest to be clean?

The purpose of swiftlets building these edible nests out of their saliva is for laying their eggs. Once eggs hatch and the hatchlings grow up to make their own nests, the unused nests are harvested for market selling. Naturally, the nests would consist of a variety of impurities such as bird’s feathers, broken eggshells, sand, and dirt. These must be separated and discarded from the bird’s nest as soon as they are harvested. The process to separate and clean these unprocessed bird’s nest is usually stringent and time-consuming. Bird’s nest farmers usually follow a step-by-step standard procedure when it comes to cleaning.

How is cleaning done for Singapore bird’s nest here at Cai Shen?

Though the cleaning for most bird’s nest farmers are similar, others may also adopt an additional method for cleaning the raw bird’s nest.

At Cai Shen, we guarantee high-quality edible bird’s nest through our rigid cleaning process and sanitary production processes. Here is the cleaning procedure that our bird’s nests go through:

Step 1: Scrubbing and Washing

Once the bird’s nests are harvested from the bird houses, they are sent out to be scrubbed and washed individually. Through conventional methods, water is used to immerse the nests to let them swell.

Step 2: Phase 1 Picking and Cleaning

It was mentioned earlier that impurities in the bird’s nest must be removed. This is the process where we pick out the larger foreign materials in the bird’s nest that are left behind after the first step that can be picked out using the hands.

Step 3: Phase 2 Picking and Cleaning

This is the same process as the first but subject for further inspection. This is picking out and cleaning the bird’s nest from smaller impurities but can still be seen to remove. Forceps or tweezers are used for this phase to remove the unnecessary particles if we cannot remove them by hand.

Step 4: Phase 3 Picking and Cleaning

This is where tinier particles like dust that’s clinging on the raw bird’s nest are also being removed. Only tweezers and forceps are also used to do this.

Step 5: Final Phase Picking and Cleaning

This is the last phase for the picking and cleaning process. We make sure that no impurities are left behind by breaking the bird’s nest into small pieces and removing the foreign material.


Step 6: Filtering impurities

Since picking out the impurities can be a tedious process, tiny feathers can still be difficult to remove from the bird’s nest. In this step, we filter out these remaining impurities by using a slick solution letting the feathers float and throwing them away. We also make sure we avoid using bleach or whitening chemicals.

Step 7: UV Sterilizing and Ultrasonic Cleaning

To make sure that we maintain our reputation for selling top-quality edible bird’s nest, our establishment uses its very own UV sterilizer and ultrasonic cleaner. This is to ensure that our customers get the cleanest edible bird’s nest.

Step 8: Shape Moulding Phase 1

Our establishment provides moulding tools specifically for bird’s nest so we can mould them accordingly based on their grade and types.

Step 9: Shape Moulding Phase 2

The final phase of moulding the bird’s nest where we ensure that we shape them correctly.

Step 10: Drying at Room Temperature

The bird’s nest needs to be dried but at an appropriate temperature. The best is usually room temperature, so they are then left for a few hours to dry.

Step 11: Inspection and Grading

Before the bird’s nest goes to packing and distribution, it must undergo thorough grading and inspection in our affiliate labs.

Step 12: Packing

This the last step of the process for bird’s nest production. The bird’s nests are wrapped accordingly to weight and grade before being sealed and sent out for distribution.


Why should you choose Cai Shen when buying edible bird’s nest in Singapore?

With so many merchants in the market now selling edible bird’s nest, it can be easy to be fooled into buying fake bird’s nest. It is best if you are equipped with enough knowledge about bird’s nest before shelling out huge sums of money on the product. A pound of edible bird’s nest can cost you about USD $4500, so experts highly recommend you do your research first. Another way to determine the real thing is by checking and getting reviews from bird’s nest merchants.

Cai Shen gives you six good reasons to choose our brand when buying raw bird’s nest:

  1. Our brand is recognized and established as we have supplied almost one hundred thousand kilograms worth of bird’s nest for many years to both consumers and retailers.
  2. We produce our bird’s nest in-house since we own 5 bird houses in Cambodia and Malaysia.
  3. Our bird’s nest cleaning process is rigorous which must be approved by our process facilities before being distributed in markets.
  4. We guarantee the best and reasonable prices for our products since we harvest from our own and sell directly to retailers and consumers.
  5. We guarantee 100% authenticity of our bird’s nest because before distribution, the products undergo further testing in affiliate laboratories.
  6. We are the only bird’s nest company that has earned the trust of exporting to China; a country which is the most stringent when it comes to approving the import of bird’s nest.

So, with all these in mind, we hope we have enlightened you on what you can get out of bird’s nest and how it is transitioned from farm to table.

Go get yourself some bird’s nest with us and live a long and healthy life!

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