5 Great Reasons Why Bird’s Nest is a Great Gift Idea for Mother’s Day

When we were kids, we remember giving our moms hand-drawn crayon drawings or scribbles whenever Mother’s Day comes around. We remember feeling pleased when we see their glowing reactions to our innocent and simple present.

Now that we’ve grown-up, getting our mother a gift for the annual celebration is slowly becoming a challenging task. It’s also possible that this is a dilemma a lot of us experience annually. As much as possible, we’d like to get our moms heartfelt and meaningful gifts every year to be thankful for all that she’s done in devoting her time to raise us. Don’t you agree?

While there are great gift ideas to buy like perfume and bath sets, jewelry, bags, useful kitchen items, these can come off as mainstream and of course, we’d like to give our moms the best because she deserves nothing but.

With Mother’s Day coming soon, we came up with a great gift idea that you can give to your mom with all your heart: Edible bird’s nest set.

Why should you give your mom bird’s nest as a Mother’s Day gift? Below are 5 good reasons:

1. Want that bird’s nest dessert, or soup, or both? You’ll have it!

The greatest thing about our mothers is that no matter what we give them, she always makes sure that she shares it with us as well. Though it’s easier to buy bottled bird’s nest and consume it straight, our moms will insist we eat what she cooks up. So, if you’re feeling for some bird’s nest jelly, or soup, or recipes that can be made with bird’s nest, it’s certain that our moms would make them for the whole family to partake.

If she’s a whiz in the kitchen, throw in some recipes so that she can get creative with her cooking the bird’s nest. The best part? We get to help her eat it. It’s a win-win situation.

2. You’re doing them a favor by helping them look young

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear people complimenting your mom on how young she looks for her age? Better yet, when she gets mistaken to be your sister? If there’s one thing that never fails to brighten your mom’s day, it’s that.

The youthful-looking effect that gives bird’s nest its good reputation is because of the nutrients it contains. This includes protein with amino acids, collagen, and other nutrients that promote tissue and cell regeneration.

Our moms may not admit it, but she would give anything to relive her glory days as a beautiful woman again. Gifting her with bird’s nest on her special day is certainly one way to contribute to her graceful struggle.

3. You help keep your mom healthy as well

Not only can your mom achieve a glowing complexion with bird’s nest, she’ll be more robust and active as well. Although bird’s nest effects have not been proven scientifically yet, many folks who practice traditional medicine vouch for its health benefits. Plus points if your mom is a firm believer of TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Maybe you can even help your mom live healthily long enough until you have kids of your own. She’ll have all the energy to catch up with her grandkids while you go off to work. Bird’s nest is known to have nutrients like estradiol and testosterone that help boost immunity which keeps us from getting sick, among other essential vitamins and minerals. Think about this: bird’s nest could be a healthier alternative to her usual breakfast meal.


4. Your mom will be bragging about how thoughtful you are

We all know that our moms talk about their kids all the time, mostly about how proud she is of our accomplishments. It can be a little exasperating at times when she starts comparing us to her friends’ children. But, it’s not wrong for her maternal instincts to wire her that way. Nonetheless, nothing else beats that feeling when you see the sparkle in their eyes and vibrant smiles of our proud mothers. It’s like giving her that crayon-scribbled drawing when you were eight all over again.


5. It’s worth every cent in your pocket

Not kidding, buying bird’s nest as a gift for your mom would be more practical and affordable at most despite its reputed expensive price tag. However, rather than buying her a bouquet of roses (which will just wilt in a few days), or designer handbags (she probably has a lot hanging in her closet), or kitchen items (she’s got enough china wares to last her a lifetime), bird’s nest could be your best bet when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts. It’s naturally processed so she doesn’t have to worry about her kidneys getting damaged. It keeps her looking young and robust which is probably a dream come true for anyone her age. To top it off, she can live longer.


Where Can I Get Quality Bird’s Nest?

Nowadays, plenty of retailers and merchants are selling bird’s nest due to its high demand. They are sold in markets or on online stores. To get the best deal out of edible bird’s nest, purchase the unprocessed ones. It’s also a good idea to research about the product first before splurging out.

Here at Cai Shen, we make sure that our bird’s nests go through stringent cleaning process and rigorous inspection by our top-grade facilities. This makes sure that our client gets the best quality edible bird’s nest that’s worth paying for.

So, if you’re aiming to buy a great gift for your mom on Mother’s Day, bird’s nest could be the next best thing. Let this be a genuine and heartfelt way to show your mom how grateful you are.

So, get yourself some bird’s nest and live a long and healthy life!

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