6 Reasons Why Men Should Consider Consuming Bird’s Nest Regularly

Nowadays, more and more people are prone to falling ill because of the kind of life we live. Even viral outbreaks have become common because our bodies’ immune system have become weak due to the unhealthy habits and low intake of essential vitamins and minerals. However, according to several studies, it is revealed that men are more prone to diseases than women. In fact, an estimate of 50% of the male population are more likely to die from major diseases at least 2 to 3 years before females do. It is because of the high stress levels they experience through their work and the type of unhealthy lifestyle they pursue every day.

Some diseases that men experience are common. These include heart problems, stroke, diabetes, and even cancer. However, the most common health problem men encounter is lung, liver, and kidney diseases as well as high cholesterol.  It is because more men have taken up smoking and drinking habits than women. In fact, these problems start to surface as early as 30 years old in men.

What can solve these health problems in men?

While there are many health specialists that prescribe readily available medicines now, these can only minimize the symptoms and not solve the problem entirely. As medicines’ effects are only temporary, the illness can return when individuals resume their unhealthy lifestyle.

Because of this, the practice of traditional medicine has made a comeback due to the effective treatment results it brings. One such traditional medicine that’s still being followed today by a lot of folks is the consumption of edible bird’s nest.

What is in edible bird’s nest?

Once a popular commodity during the Dynasty era in Ancient China, edible bird’s nest is discovered to have medicinal properties that can treat many kinds of common diseases. These include boosting immunity and strengthening our lung health, promoting healthy digestion, improving our energy, and most commonly, enhancing our skin’s complexion.

Today, edible bird’s nest is still largely consumed by folks who practice traditional medicine. However, more and more people are starting to believe in its treatment capabilities resulting in a high demand for bird’s nest products.

So, why should men consume edible bird’s nest?

Edible bird’s nest is said to be commonly consumed by women to promote youthful and glowing skin and is also an effective supplement to boost healthy pregnancy.

However, men should also consider consuming edible bird’s nest for their overall health especially when it comes to their stamina. Below are 6 good reasons why men should consume edible bird’s nest regularly:

1. It keeps their lungs nourished

Since men are more likely to smoke than women, their lungs get damaged just as easily. Bird’s nest is said to contain essential antibodies and vitamins that keeps the lungs healthy. Not only that, consuming edible bird’s nest regularly can also help clear our lungs from toxins that are inhaled through cigarette smoke.

2. It helps restore their energy and stamina

Due to the amount of effort men put in their work especially if it involves hard labor, it’s easy for them to fall into fatigue. This can compromise work performance as well as his relationship at home since he will be too tired to do anything else. In worse cases, he becomes more prone to getting sick all the time. If he consumes bird’s nest on a regular basis, chances are that its nutritional value can help his stamina recover while boosting his immunity.

3. It helps lower their cholesterol levels

Men are also prone to problems with their cholesterol levels. It is probably because men tend to drink more alcohol than women which is often accompanied with unhealthy eating habits. This leads to high cholesterol levels causing heart problems or stroke in men.

However, some scientific studies have observed that consuming edible bird’s nest regularly can lower cholesterol. It is because bird’s nest contains several essential nutrients that can help regulate cholesterol levels in men.

4. It helps improve the condition of their internal organs

Keeping our internal organs healthy is important to be better protected from health problems. Consuming bird’s nest regularly is also said to be an effective way to maintain healthy internal organs and is a good means of detoxification.

5. It helps to improve skin complexion

For many years, a lot of women are firm believers of edible bird’s nest for its capability to keep their skin healthy and nourished, making them appear young. It is because bird’s nest is a rich source of protein and collagen that contains amino acids. These amino acids tighten the skin and closes the pores which then slows the aging process. However, it is important also for men to take good care of their skin besides their health. Consuming edible bird’s nest regularly can help men achieve this without spending so much on artificial creams and skin procedures.

6. It helps maintain virility in men

For men, their libido is one of the most essential features to keep themselves satisfied and their partners happy. However, since most men’s lifestyle can consequently lower their urges, this can cause a lot of strain mentally and physically.  One of the ways to help men increase their libido is by consuming edible bird’s nest regularly. It is believed that bird’s nest contains the essential nutrients to supplement men’s virility as well as promote good reproductive health.

So, is it necessary for men to consume bird’s nest?

The answer is yes. When they say that edible bird’s nest should only be consumed by women, that myth should be debunked. Edible bird’s nest is a relatively safe and natural food supplement for both genders.

Here at Cai Shen, we supply the highest quality bird’s nest for your health needs. Most of the bird’s nest we produce are handpicked and cleaned thoroughly and make sure to undergo a rigorous process. Whether you are into folk medicine or not, bird’s nest is your best bet to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals that our body needs while providing flavor in your dishes.

So, get yourself some bird’s nest and live a long and healthy life!

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