Staying Home During CB? Here’s How to Boost Your Immunity and Respiratory System + An Ancient Secret to Help Chase Away Possible Infections!

With the continued COVID-19 crisis, several countries around the world have enforced community quarantines and lockdowns to prevent the spread of the virus. Since its outbreak in late December 2019 from where it started in Wuhan, China, COVID-19 has affected the entire world drastically in terms of health as well as economy. Additionally, the virus has also caused global panic and chaos as well. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the count of positive cases of the diseases have reached over 2 million whereas over than 1 million deaths have been recorded. The countries with the highest count of hits by the disease are USA and Italy. The result of the virus has crippled several of the countries’ health centers and respective economies. Since a lot of people are still moving around, the virus has not shown signs of stopping.

Nevertheless, as the virus is transmitted from one person to another, people are advised to stay indoors and protect themselves This is by refraining from engaging in group activities. When leaving the house, social and physical distancing should also be practiced. At the same time, doctors and health specialists are also encouraging folks to take measures in keeping themselves healthy and strong while staying at home.

What do we need to understand about COVID-19?

According to Healthline.com, coronaviruses show flu-like symptoms. It is also more likely to affect our immunity at a quicker rate. The COVID-19 virus is spread when there are droplets moving around the air from an infected person that coughs or sneezes. Another way the virus spreads is through surfaces that are contaminated.

However, the signs don’t show until after 2 days or 2 weeks, so it is possible a person may be carrying and spreading the virus to others within the time frame. When not detected early, the problem could become worse, or even fatal. The people who are more at risk of getting the virus are the elderly community. Symptoms that indicate possible link to COVID-19 include:

  • Having difficulty breathing
  • Experiencing dry and retching cough that lasts for days
  • Fever

That said, those staying indoors still need to protect themselves and their loved ones by practicing good hygiene and healthy habits. These include:

  • Washing hands properly and thoroughly with soap and water
  • Sanitize after touching objects or surfaces
  • Wear a mask when feeling sick or going outside
  • Drink plenty of water and fluids
  • Boost immunity by taking supplements or herbal remedies

How do we boost our immunity?

Regardless of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been taught that staying healthy by boosting our immunity is still important to live a long life.

However, in this dire time, being vigilant about what we do to stay healthy is even more necessary since the virus attacks our immune and respiratory system the hardest. So, how do we keep our immune and respiratory system strong? Here are 3 simple ways:

  1. Exercise regularly

Just because you can no longer go out and hit the gym to do your regular reps doesn’t mean you can’t do it at home. Nowadays, plenty of live stream videos of exercise and yoga are accessible and often available for free online. Not only that, you can improvise exercise routines by doing house chores. As long as you’re active daily, you don’t need to worry about being infected easily.


  1. Get good sleep every night

We all know how important getting a good amount of sleep is. In fact, there are studies proving the association of good sleep and healthy immune system. Of course, for an average adult, the adequate amount of sleep should be around 7 to 9 hours a night. If that’s difficult to do, try to do some breathing exercises to help you doze off. You can also try to put on some soft music to lull you to sleep.


  1. Take supplements or try herbal remedies

Aside from eating a healthy diet, there is also something about taking supplements that boost up your immunity and health. Dietician Dr. Zelman of Medicine Net that though we rely on nutrition from food, supplements can also help fight potential infections in the body. These supplements should contain essential antioxidants like vitamins A, C, D, and E.

However, if you’re into the traditional stuff, herbal remedies are a good try. One herbal remedy that have been a staple for a long time in China’s Dynasty era is the consumption of edible bird’s nest.

Edible bird’s nest contains several essential nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy. Since its discovery, people have flocked to merchants to buy them despite the expensive price that comes with it. Edible bird’s nest is one of the popular herbal remedies used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The ancient healing secret of edible bird’s nest

Edible bird’s nests are known to have a lot of health benefits and one of those is helping your immune system get stronger. This is proven by a group of Chinese researchers through a study using mice and exposing them to radiation. They are then given edible bird’s nest to recover. As expected, the results confirmed the association of edible bird’s nest and stronger immunity.

Where do I find edible bird’s nest?

There are plenty of merchants nowadays selling edible bird’s nest anywhere. You can even purchase them online. However, to get the best deal out of buying edible bird’s nest, we recommend you get them at Cai Shen.

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So, get yourself some bird’s nest and live a long, healthy life – COVID-19-free.

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