Healthy Ways to Enjoy Singapore Bird’s Nest While Working at Home in 2020

Edible Bird’s Nest: An Introduction

If you are already familiar with swiftlet bird’s nest, you will know that they are edible and are made from bird’s saliva. The saliva they produce weaves a cup shaped lattice structure which the air dries up after some time.

When harvested, edible bird’s nest is a prized delicacy to folks who believe in herbal remedy and especially to those who practice Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In other words, the edible bird’s nest you are consuming is just bird’s spit that contains essential nutrients.

The origins of edible bird’s nest begin in Southeast Asian countries particularly in Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore and they are mostly found in limestone caves. Although many businesses are setting up their own in-house bird houses, bird’s nest can still be found and harvested in these areas. Other regions where edible bird’s nest can also be found are around the Pacific Islands and in Northern Australia. However, it is the Chinese who discovered its magical healing powers during the time of the Dynasty era that made edible bird’s nest a popular and nutritious delicacy of their time.

Bird’s Nest: An Ancient Chinese Secret

It was the Chinese people who first believed that consuming edible bird’s nest can have positive effects on one’s health and appearance. Ever since then, edible bird’s nest has been referred to as the “Caviar of the East” for many centuries. The reason that it was named as such is because of its popularity in Ancient China and its neighboring far east regions. Another reason is because of its costly price tag.

Since this delicacy is made by birds, the supply for this becomes limited, which leads to soaring prices to meet consumer demands. A pound of bird’s nest can reach up to $3000 and one bowl can cost $30 to $50. As such, it became the caviar of the East and was usually reserved for members of royalty and the elite.

Why is edible bird’s nest so expensive?

Aside from being a rare delicacy, the harvesting part is also what makes it very expensive. To begin with, harvesting them especially from caves, which are much more nutritious, is considered a laborious and dangerous task.

More so, it would take months or maybe years for swiftlets to complete building their nest, hatching their young before abandoning it. When that happens, the farmers begin climbing up narrow and high caves and removing the bird’s nest from the walls. Additionally, farmers must make sure that they leave the nesting area safe and welcoming so the birds will eventually return next season.

Another reason why bird’s nest is so expensive is because of the tedious process it must go through after harvesting.

How is bird’s nest processed and harvested?

Once the bird’s nests have been collected, they are sent to high-standard facilities and go through a stringent cleaning process.

There is a lot of things to consider when cleaning raw bird’s nest and process it for market consumption. As there are plenty of fake products sold, many bird’s nest businesses must go through strict protocols and heavily monitored cleaning systems before they are released to the consumers and suppliers.

Cleaning bird’s nest go through various stages of scrubbing and picking to make sure that unwanted debris like feathers and cracked eggshells are removed. Then the raw bird’s nest must undergo filtering before UV sterilization and ultrasonic cleaning.

Once that is done, shape molding is the next step and even it must undergo specific phases before they are dried and packed for selling.

Bird’s Nest vs. Modern Medicine

While there is a lot of debate about claims made on how beneficial edible bird’s nest is to the health, scientific studies have yet to debunk that claim. Several researches in recent years have surfaced, particularly those in Malaysia and Singapore have suggested that edible bird’s nest contain a good amount of value in nutrition. However, the long-term positive effects are still in the process of sound interpretation.

That said, though the benefits of consuming edible bird’s nest are still inarguable, the conclusion is still obscure.

What are the benefits of consuming edible bird’s nest?

As it is first believed by the Chinese that consuming bird’s nest daily can have a lot of positive effects on your health. Since then, more and more people are moving towards that belief and have proven the benefits they themselves have experienced. To sum them up, below is a list of known benefits to the health when you incorporate bird’s nest into your diet:

  1. Helps keep skin clear and maintain youthful appearance

Edible bird’s nest contains cell regenerating properties that can help replenish skin cells. This, in turn, makes the skin supple, healthy, and glowing. It is no surprise that most Asian people have clear skin despite their age since they include bird’s nest in their meals.

  1. Helps improve eye health

The hormones in bird’s nest helps our bodies produce certain amounts of keratocytes which aids in faster healing of the cornea.

  1. Promotes good digestive system

It is believed that edible bird’s nest contains enough minerals to clean and detoxify our digestive tract therefore improving our appetite long-term. This is especially given to children for them to eat better and healthier.

  1. Keeps pregnant women and their babies healthy

Many who practice traditional medicine believe in the power of natural remedies when it comes to supporting healthy pregnancies. Edible bird’s nest is certainly not an exception to that belief. Consuming bird’s nest daily during a woman’s pregnancy can help keep the baby healthy with all the sufficient and proven nutrition both mother and baby receives.

  1. Delays aging and minimizes wrinkles and fine lines

A lot of the elderly population have also turned to natural remedies to help them stay young and energetic. One way that they have adopted is consuming bird’s nest. As bird’s nest help replenish skin cells, this, in turn, reverses the aging process.

  1. Effective cold and flu treatment

While many also lean on traditional chicken soup, adding bird’s nest when having colds and flu can also help treat and minimize the illness. It is believed that the nutrients found in bird’s nest clears and reduces the bacteria that is causing inflammation in our lungs.

  1. Boosts the immune system

Among the many nutritional properties found in bird’s nest, calcium, natrium, potassium, are a few of those that is believed to help enhance our immunity to keep us stronger and less prone to diseases. More so, it helps fight off the bacteria in our body that are causing these sicknesses.

Bird’s Nest Singapore: What makes it different?

While Vietnam remains to be the leading producer of these rare nutritious bird’s saliva, many regions in Southeast Asia, particularly Singapore, have long since adopted the consumption of edible bird’s nest. It is mainly because of the Chinese heritage passed on for many generations.

With that, production of edible bird’s nest in Singapore have become a fast developed into a lucrative business in recent years. Many businesses have established their own in-house bird houses as well as harvesting and manufacturing facilities due to the demand of bird’s nest consumption.

As such, consumer demand for Singapore bird’s nest have increased, and so have their prices as well. Not only that, many bird’s nest businesses in Singapore have adopted their unique way of producing bird’s nest and introducing them to the market. Others, on the other hand, have made their brand a household name when it comes to consumer supply and foreign exports. Some bird’s nest businesses have also long been exporting products to China as well.

A few of these unique methods are bottling bird’s nest for immediate consumption once purchased in the market.

Where to buy genuine top-quality Singapore bird’s nest?

Even with Singapore’s booming bird’s nest market industry, there are still factors to consider before buying edible bird’s nest. Aside from the hefty cost, premium quality bird’s nests are commonly graded on their origins, thickness, size, smell, and taste.

In this website, a list of some of the best Singapore bird’s nest are available for online purchases or you can visit their store.

Of course, with all things considered, we primarily put our health a priority and naturally when we hear good things about a certain object or product, we try to get our hands on them as much as possible. Much like Singapore bird’s nest, more and more people are stocking up their homes, especially during this time when a huge chunk of the population are working at home. Contrary to what most people say, it is also just as easy to succumb to sickness that is not from the current virus, but other ways like diabetes, obesity, and even heart problems. It is because many of us are less active and have easy access to snacks and eat mindlessly.

That said, it is important to put our health first which is why consuming Singapore bird’s nest is one of the many effective ways to protect yourself.

What are the healthy ways to enjoy Singapore bird’s nest?

While there are plenty of suppliers of Singapore bird’s nest, there are more than just one way to enjoy them. It does not necessarily mean solely incorporating them into your diet, but with more unique ways to prepare bird’s nest, here are some suggestions for you to enjoy them while working at home:

  1. As food

    • Bird’s nest soup – This is the most popular way to prepare bird’s nest in Singapore and many Chinese regions and have been for many years. The ingredients for the soup typically include dried red dates and rock sugar that’s added with the raw bird’s nest and water then served warm.
    • Bird’s nest rice – The water that is cooked with the bird’s nest can be added into rice to give it a hint of saline mix.
    • Bird’s nest and papaya dessert – For those with a sweet tooth, add boiled bird’s nest chunks and papaya slices into a glass of coconut milk and serve chilled.
  2. As skin remedy

    • Face mask – Since a lot of folks believe that bird’s nest can reverse aging and clears skin, boil the raw bird’s nest, and let it cool and settle and put on the skin like a mask.
    • Steamed – Boil some raw bird’s nest and place a towel on your head over the mixture and inhale the steam from the boiled mixture.
  3. As herbal remedy

    • Bird’s nest with American ginseng – Boil bird’s nest and add American ginseng and take daily as a health supplement.
    • Bird’s nest with pearl powder and collagen – Boil bird’s nest and add pearl powder and collagen and take regularly for noticeable clearer and glowing skin.


Whatever way you prefer to consume bird’s nest, the benefits are still the same. You will still gain positive effects to your health when drinking bird’s nest every day. While modern supplements are readily available, it is still a far-fetched solution and natural remedy is always the key to a healthier life.

If you are looking for quality Singapore bird’s nest, we at CS Bird’s Nest will guarantee you the best product available for more reasons than one. So, stay healthy, and drink bird’s nest.

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