Natural Unprocessed Raw Bird's Nest

Singapore’s Raw Bird’s Nest in its unprocessed form. Freshly and organically harvested directly from our very own swiftlet bird nest houses in Cambodia and Malaysia. Bird’s Nests are only to be harvested after the Swiftlet chick grows up and ready to leave its nest. To ensure freshness, all our raw bird’s nests sold are kept at a maximum of 14 days. Unsold Raw Bird’s Nests are then sent to the processing facility to be made as Grade 5A and other bird’s nest products. While it takes a while longer to process them yourselves, it is the optimum way to ensure all vitamins and minerals are kept to your needs.

  • 100% Organic and Fresh!
  • Directly Harvested
  • Untouched, Raw and Unprocessed
  • Chemical Free!

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